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All about Rollerball

All four of my Rollerball articles are now posted below, with the history of the game and every real stat about this fictional sport collected in one place. Now, please stand for the playing of our corporate anthem…       

The Evolution of Rollerball

Let’s face it: most fictional sports created for the screen or page tend to come across as contrived, silly and, well, fictional. “Rollerball” is not one of them. The futuristic game of Rollerball has achieved a rare state among fictional creations. In the 1975 movie starring James Caan, the filmmakers were effectively able to convince … Continue reading

Rules of The Game: Rollerball

Here they are at last: THE official rules for the sport of Rollerball, as seen in the 1975 movie. These were transcribed — typos and all — directly from a 13-page press release in the movie’s original press kit from United Artists. ROLLERBALL: Fact Sheet & Rules of the Game TRACK DESIGN: Productions Designer — John Box Track Architect — Herbert … Continue reading

Rules of The Game: Roller Ball Murder

ROLLER BALL MURDER: Description and Rules  Taken from the short story of the same name by William Harrison, originally published in Esquire in September 1973. TRACK SPECIFICATIONS: The track is oval, fifty yards long and thirty yards across, and is described as “high banked.” THE TEAMS: Each team consists of twenty players: ten roller skaters, five … Continue reading

Rules of The Game: Rollerball 2002

15 years ago next month, the Rollerball remake was unceremoniously dumped in theaters to universal derision. It was so bad it effectively ended the career of director John McTiernan. In the interest of covering all things Rollerball, I’m reposting the stats of the game as presented in the movie.  ROLLERBALL 2002: Description & Game Rules Information taken … Continue reading

The cars of Speed Racer: Type X

Every appearance of the mysterious Masked Racer on Speed Racer was greeted with this handy bit of exposition, breathlessly intoned by the all-knowing narrator: “Racer X! Unknown to Speed this is his older brother Rex who ran away from home many years ago.” The long-lost Racer sibling appeared frequently in the animated series and was … Continue reading

The cars of Speed Racer: Types U, V & W

Next up are the flashback cars (and no, not because they flash by so fast you don’t notice them). These three distinct types can be seen early in the movie pursuing a young Rex Racer in the Mach 4 in the Thunderhead flashback. Even though they put in a brief appearance, and are essentially placeholder … Continue reading

The cars of Speed Racer: Type T

OK, let’s get this out of the way up front: for me, the two-minute scene with the crazy-ass vikings of Team Thor-Axine is the highlight of Speed Racer, and perfectly encapsulates the over-the-top absurdity and creativity of the movie as a whole. It’s a pity they get knocked out of the Casa Cristo race when … Continue reading

The cars of Speed Racer: Type S

Our next vehicle gets the award for the most promoted car from the movie with the least amount of screen time. Snake Oiler’s T-180 is a stunning piece of machinery that looks like a cross between a rattlesnake and a jet. The car is front and center in the movie trailers, and multiple versions made … Continue reading


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