Race Around the World

Speed Rally premiered at Historicon 2008 with the spectacular “Race Around the World” — a single course covering six tables and passing through six settings, including Rome, Hong Kong, the Grand Canyon, the Amazon, the Sahara and the Alps. Sixteen drivers vied to be declared the first Speed Rally Champion and win a copy of the game.

The cars are ready to leave Rome —

— and they’re off!
See the rest of the race report is below the fold.

In addition to the Mountain of Doom, created for this occasion, it took every piece of track we had, plus props from two other miniature games of mine — and we still had to borrow terrain from friends to finish out “continental” course.

Oh there’s a jam-up going into downtown Hong Kong…

Pit steward Jim McNugget keeps the drivers moving

The city was custom built from hubcaps, plastic lab equipment, and stacks of old AOL CDs

Racers cross over one of several bridges …

Of course, some drivers thought bridges were for wusses.
Here #11 prepares to jump the gorge (he just made it) .

Sharks in the Amazon? Sure, why not

Roaring out of the jungle, the racers prepare to take on—


The treacherous switchbacks of the Alps have claimed many a racer

Aerial coverage of a confrontation on the mountainside, as the villainous #11 has made an illegal u-turn to try and smash the spunky #53 into the abyss

For a moment, #53 teetered on the precipice but was eventually able to pull away from certain doom

Most drivers decided not to risk the slick and deadly ice tunnel cutting through the mountain

It was close, but #53 edged out #11 to win the Race Around the World!

The victor!

Here’s a another shot of the entire setup, a composite taken from several angles

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