Custom mobiles

From the start of Speed Rally, I fully intended to build a personal garage full of famous cars. However, in many cases, toy companies have yet to produce many of the vehicles I wanted. So, I built my own. Here is the Bouldermobile (driven by the Slag Bros. in Wacky Races), and Delta House’s Deathmobile from Animal House.

Of course, what’s the point of driving the Deathmobile if you can’t yell “CUT THE CAKE!” during a race. The vehicle starts every race as the famous float, which they can then leave behind on the track as an obstacle. Special thanks to Spencer1984 for generously providing me with a copy of his Deathmobile decals, which made finishing this must-have car much easier.

By the way, to date the Deathmobile had yet to even finish a race, much less win one. Most of the time, the last words heard by its driver is “RAMMING SPEEEEEEEEEEEED!”

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