The cars of Speed Racer: Type A

The Type A was a prevalent vehicle in the movie, getting a lot of screen time — mostly due to it being the car of the Gray Ghost, one of Speed’s rival drivers. This T-180 (the fictional name given to the Formula 1 style cars in the Speed Racer world)  was also made into a full scale mock-up — with real-world sponsors — that appeared at several auto shows.

In the movie, the Type A is manufactured by Écran Établissement. In addition to #23, the Gray Ghost’s car, there are at least 4 other versions of this make that put in brief appearances. #23 was featured in the DVD special feature “Supercharged,” and was one of the vehicles available to players in the video game tie-in.

The Gray Ghost’s T-180 was one of the more common Hot Wheels in the series, and a second, exceedingly rare version of the vehicle was released painted as #22 — the Rude Noodles/Mrs. Oats car (which can be seen ever-so-briefly disintegrating around the Mach 6 on The Drop in the Grand Prix.)Update: Here’s a much better shot of the rare Type A Hot Wheels, courtesy of Available exclusively through a box set at Target, the packaging identified the car as “Masurai” (though whether that was the driver or the corporate owner, it doesn’t say —  there is no indication Masurai is one of the fictional sponsors of the vehicle either, so take your pick.)

Type A Race Car Numbers sighted: 22, 23, 43, 55


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