The cars of Speed Racer: Type F

Considering that there are TWO Hot Wheels versions of the Type F, it is surprising how little actual screen time the car got in the movie. #33, driven by Sonic “Boom Boom” Renaldi, can be seen at the start of the Grand Prix screeching to stop in an attempt to pin the Mach 6 and take it out of the race. Here you can see a shot of the car on the right hand side of the screen at the beginning of the race.The Zoomishi gets even less screen time than Boom Boom — you can just see the rear bumper of the car on the right hand side of the screen in this screen capture from the start of the Grand Prix:
It is unfortunate, because this is one of the nicer car designs to come out of the Speed Racer universe. The Zoomishi version (again, no indication if the name referred to a driver, sponsor or owner) was one of the harder-to-find 1/64 die-cast toys, but it was worth hunting down. Sonic “Boom Boom” Renaldi made a bigger appearance in the video game tie-in, where his car got a name (Chalk-Head) and an owner (Godelian Autonomics), in addition to the sponsors seen on the vehicle in the movie — Uniron and Pola Cola.

Type F Race Car Numbers sighted: 33, 82

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