The cars of Speed Racer: Type G

Poor Gearbox. Not only does Kellie “Gearbox” Kalinkov have the gaudiest car in the Speed Racer universe (and that’s saying a lot), she is literally knocked out of the park by Speed in the big finale. (#91 is the T-180 that is sent flying off the track and into the giant TV screen during the Grand Prix.)To add insult to injury, Kellie Kalinkov is the one character played by an actual professional race car driver — Indy 500 veteran Milka Duno — who missed at least one race to appear in the movie in what amounted to about 20 seconds of screen time.In addition, her car was the single ugliest Hot Wheels from the series. Compare the colorful design above with the unfortunate die-cast release below:Several Type Gs show up briefly in the film (here you can see #73 on the left after it unsuccessfully attempts to ram the Mach 6 at the start of the Grand Prix), but the model makes a much bigger appearance in the Videogame, where players can also unlock a T-180 version of Flying Foxes Freight’s Delilah (a driver that has a bigger role in the Casa Cristo rally; see, Type L.)

Type G Race Car Numbers sighted: 91, 73

1 thought on “The cars of Speed Racer: Type G

  1. Don’t cry for Duno’s lost time on the IndyCar circuit to get that short cameo. To call Duno an Indy 500 veteran is an insult to all other drivers – especially the lady drivers.

    Milka Duno’s time in IndyCar was a black eye to the sport. She has skill in a racecar, but nowhere near what’s needed to run on the Indycar level. She gives a bad name to all women interested in making it motorsports by fulfilling nearly every misogynistic “woman driver” stereotype you could think of – reckless, slow, and completely oblivious to the hazard she was.

    Milka Duno hold the dubious “honor” of being the first driver in IndyCar history to be parked by race control for lack of speed. The 110% rule IndyCar now has exists due to her – they needed an empirical measurement to determine when someone should be parked.

    Thank god we have far more talented women like Danica Patrick, Katherine Legge, Ana Beatriz, and -most of all- Simona de Silvestro to root for.


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