The cars of Speed Racer: Type J & K

The next two vehicle models show up all-too-briefly, but as they appear together, I’m posting them here as one entry. Type J & K designs are prominent in the Fuji race, where both blow up in spectacular fashion on the skyscraper-sized loop.The low-slung Type J almost looks like a modern Formula 1 racer, albiet without the large wing in the rear. Instead, it has a second pair of shark fins that mirror the pair in the front of the vehicle.Here you can see Type J passing above Taejo Togokahn’s T-180, and below is a screenshot of one from the final Grand Prix, with a better view of the rear fins.The Type K car is the opposite of the low-profile J, with a triple jet engine and beefy wing in the back. While it didn’t have a name or number, the main K car was distinctive in that its driver didn’t wear a helmet, but instead took to the track wearing a cowboy hat. Yippee-kay-aye, mother—Neither the J nor K T-180s were made into toys. A pity considering the K car is a really smart-looking vehicle that got more screen time than some makes that did appear in the line of Speed Racer Hot Wheels.


5 thoughts on “The cars of Speed Racer: Type J & K

  1. My brother has the videogame — in fact, he bought the Wii Wheel because of this version, so it could be ‘played the way it was intended.’

    Unfortunately, he lives several states away, so I’ve only been able to play it with him a couple of times. We had a blast, in spite of the game’s shortcomings. (For instance, we didn’t notice any difference in the vehicle stats and the way they behaved on the track — they were pretty much fungible — so the point of unlocking ‘better’ cars was lost on us. Also, what’s the point of having better stats and powerups, if the cars you blew past during a lap can instantly catch up to you after a warp. Quibbles, but still.)

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye for the J and K next time we race.


  2. When your playing the cars, some do feel different from the others because of the stats. But I sometimes find the “rubberband” AI to be very annoying.. And I love your website, I check it everyday to see if there are any new cars.. 😀


  3. Hey excuse me, while those two were indeed at Fuji, they were seen at Thunderhead in begining & the Grand Prix.


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