The cars of Speed Racer: The List

We’re almost halfway through the garage of vehicles from the Speed Racer movie. The complete, updated list is below the fold:

Type A — Common T-180 (Example: #23 Grey Ghost Race Car)
Type B — Uncommon T-180 (Example: Musha Motors Race Car)
Type C — Uncommon T-180 (Example: 3 Roses Car)
Type D* — Uncommon T-180 (Example: Nitro Venderhoss)
Type E — Common T-180 (Example: Prince Kabala Race Car)
Type F — Common T-180 (Example: Sonic “Boom Boom” Renaldi)
Type G — Uncommon T-180 (Example: Kellie “Gearbox” Kalinkov)
GRX — Unique T-180
Type H* — Common T-180 (Example: Taejo Togokhan Race Car)
Hangul — Unique Street Car
Type I — All unique, individual vehicles will have their own entries
Type J* — Uncommon T-180
Type K* — Uncommon T-180
Type L — Common Street Car (Example: Delila, Flying Foxes Freight)
Mach 4 — Unique early T-180
Mammoth Car — Unique
Type N*— Uncommon Street Car (Example: Semper Fi-ber)
Type O — Common Street Car (Example: Snake Oiler Street Car)
Type P* — Common Street Car (Example: Juicy Drop Pop)
Pitter Pat* — Unique T-180
Type Q* — Common Street Car (Seen flying thru a guard rail after the hapless driver is hit by Snake Oiler’s Snake-a-pault)
Type R* — Rare Street Car (Can only be seen during freeze frame in the Casa Cristo)
Snake Oiler — Unique T-180
Type T — Uncommon Street Car (Example: Thor-Axine Street Car)
Type U, V, W* — Rare early T-180s (These are all seen very briefly chasing Rex Racer in flashback.)
Racer X — Unique T-180
Shooting Star — Unique Street Car
Mach 6 — Unique T-180
Mach 5 — Unique Street Car


2 thoughts on “The cars of Speed Racer: The List

  1. Got ahead of myself. Soon after posting I realized I was working off the old list (the one I whipped up 2 years ago) and the Thor-axine should have been Type T … dont worry, the crazy-ass vikings will be back up shortly.

    btw, goes without saying these aren’t official designations, but considering there are just over 26 cars, a letter format seemed logical, and going alphabetically appeases the OCD in me.


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