The cars of Speed Racer: Type N

And now we come to what is easily the worst pun in a movie full of bad puns — Semper Fi-ber, sponsor of a squad of headhunters in the big Casa Cristo race. Driving a wide, open roadster, the military themed team of Type N cars is lead by Colonel Colon and … oh you can see where this is going…For whatever reason — maybe because they sometimes thought they were making a kid’s movie — the Wachowski brothers were moved to throw in a little bodily humour to their humor for their big screen Speed Racer, from Chim-Chim’s monkey biscuits to the unfortunate motto of the Semper Fi-ber team — “First in, last out.” Fortunately, the hapless Col. Colon is quickly knocked out of the race —— which is too bad, as the Type N is another nice design of an imaginary car. Broad and low-slung, it follows the contours of the modern military helmet. Interestingly enough, in a field full of weaponized vehicles, the Type N appears to be one of the few unarmed cars. Now that’s kinda funny.

Type N Race Car Numbers: 61, 75


7 thoughts on “The cars of Speed Racer: Type N

  1. I guess what they mean by First In, Last Out is supposed to mean they’ll be the first ones to get involved and the last on to quit..


  2. You keep believing that, Bernard 😉

    I think it was because “Colon Blow” was already taken.

    The oddest thing for me is that the producers decided to mix real world sponsors in with all their fake ones. So, you’ll see Puma, Petrobras and Autobacs next to Flying Foxes Freight, Mrs. Oats and Hyrda Cell.


  3. One other thing I liked about this car — if you’ll note in the 2nd image, they mark their kills in little silhouettes on the side of the vehicle, just like fighter planes.


  4. Yeah.. But I don’t mind them mixing the sponsors.. And I just noticed that they mark down their kills on the side of the car.. OMG!! ITS SO FREAKIN AWESOME!! I wanna make a real driveable one if I ever get a chance when I grow up.. I wish they made this in the Hotwheels line..


  5. Yeah.. I’ve seen that car before quite a few times, it does kinda look like the type N… Wouldn’t it be cool is they made the T1-80 hotwheels able to spin 360 degrees around like in the movie and game?


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