The cars of Speed Racer: Types U, V & W

Next up are the flashback cars (and no, not because they flash by so fast you don’t notice them). These three distinct types can be seen early in the movie pursuing a young Rex Racer in the Mach 4 in the Thunderhead flashback. Even though they put in a brief appearance, and are essentially placeholder cars, someone clearly went to a bit of effort to design these vehicles. Not only do they feel like they belong in the Speed Racer universe the movie has created but — as with the Mach 4 — all three look like earlier versions of T-180s, and fit naturally into the evolutionary line of vehicle design the filmmakers have layed down. (The blue car certainly appears to be a proto-Type Q.)  Unfortunately, like too many other cars in this movie, they are there and gone before you get a chance to further appreciate their inimitable fashion.