Light Bikes updated

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while — I just added 4 pages to the Light Bikes booklet, including new optional rules we’ve been playtesting, and the step-by-step instruction (with photos!) on the best way to build light walls. Also included is the Spinnaker graphic, for those looking to generate movement without dice. And it’s still only 99¢ — just click here

Inception vs. Speed Racer

Because there aren’t enough Inception trailer mashups out there (there really aren’t — a year later and this is a meme that keeps on giving). Plus, Speed Racer works so much better as a fever dream, dontcha think?

What’s fascinating is how well the two different trailers matched up. I had to do very little actual editing to make the mashup click. If nothing else, it shows that the people who make trailers for movies really have their craft down to a solid formula these days.

Introducing “BIG BANG: The Miniatures Game”

APRIL 1, 2011 — Glory Games is proud to announce the release of their biggest historical miniature game yet: BIG BANG. “BIG BANG: The Miniatures Game” is an exciting new tabletop experience that lets players battle for control of the universe from the very beginning!

Covering the period of history from the creation of time itself to the first full second of existence, BIG BANG is a miniature game like no other. Players field armies of quarks, electrons and protons in an epic clash to form the first atoms, and stand against the hordes of encroaching Dark Matter.

BIG BANG: The Miniatures Game (BB:TMG) comes ready to play out of the box, with gorgeous pre-painted figures. In addition, all of the units in the basic game can be combined to form larger units in later scenarios.

The starter set comes with figures representing electrons, all six types of quarks, and the mysterious “dark matter” — enough for two players to game the earliest events of the big bang, from 10-32 to 10-6 seconds. Later sets will include additional exotic particles, including neutrinos, pions, and quite possibly the ultra-rare Higgs Boson.

The 596-page rule book, with an introduction by physicist Brian Greene, also has options for playing in 10 or 11 dimensions, so both fans of superstring theory and M-Theory branes can face off against one another.

Game play is simple and easy to learn, yet hard to master.
BB: TMG uses the Kinetic Impact System™ to resolve combat quickly.

“What we are truly excited about with this game is scale,” said designer JP Trostle. “The introductory scenario is played on a 1-to-1 basis, about a foot across, which was the actual size of the universe a fraction of a second after inflation — yet you can fit the whole thing in your pocket when you’re done.”

“Best of all, BIG BANG is infinitely scalable, and will eventually include every game ever made,” he added. “We’re already working on a collectible card version, and, of course, a live action role-playing game.”

Scale v. scale

With the release of Jada’s Battle Machines, scale became an issue once again. Jada was pitching their Car Wars-ready vehicles as 1/64 in size, but there was just no way they were that small. In fact, they fit in nicely next to the 1/55 Speed Racer line Jada put out a few years ago, so obviously they were the larger size. In prep for the Speed Rally expansion, I made the following side-by-side comparison of scales. The image has been bouncing around the web for a while, so I thought I’d repost it here again and give things another spin.

Click here to enbiggen

And for those looking to run Formula de or Speed Circuit in a larger scale …