Got questions? Whether it is about the games, the rules, or about the movies that inspired them, we no doubt have the answer: Email us at japenet@gmail.com

Speed Rally, Light Bikes and Rülerball are available at WargameVault.


This site is the clearinghouse for updates on esoteric, cinematic miniature games, including auto racing (Speed Rally), arcade duels (Light Bikes), future sports (Rülerball), and the bread and circuses of Ancient Rome (Gladiators and Circus Maximus).

JP Trostle is a graphic artist and game designer. In addition to creating Speed Rally, Light Bikes and Rülerball, he has, in the past, written for TSR, Palladium Books and Glory Games, worked briefly with Avalon Hill, and covered the gaming industry for Gateways Magazine. You can see more of his non-game work at japeart.com, or reach him at japenet@gmail.com.

Glory Games, Inc. is a small publisher of unusual and esoteric rules for miniature gaming. An imprint of Military History Press (currently on hiatus), Glory Games as been around in one form or another since 1991, and has published rules for wargaming in the Napoleonic Era and Middle Ages (Legacy of Glory and Knights & Knaves, respectively).


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