You stand in an endless black space, a glowing neon grid stretching off into infinity beneath your feet. It is the game grid, and you are here to race for your life. A booming voice sounds throughout the arena: “Ready Player One.”

Handlebars appear in front of you; you firmly grasp them and a radiant motorcycle writes itself around you, wrapping you in a cocoon of light. “Go,” says the disembodied voice, and your cycle rockets across the grid, leaving in its wake a solid wall of light, deadly to all that cross it — including you.

On the horizon, you can see your opponents streaking toward you, their bikes leaving the same deadly ribbon of light as a sign of their passage. You accelerate, determined to box them in and destroy them, before they can destroy you.

“TRON” was an amazing, fun and important movie (as I wrote about in the Indy back in 2010). “TRON Legacy” had an awesome soundtrack at least, and put a lot of great toys and models on the market

LIGHT BIKES is a quick game for 2-6 players looking to recreate futuristic duels between light-powered cycles in an arcade arena. Bikers race across the game grid, generating a maze of walls with their cycle to box in and destroy their opponents, while trying to avoid hitting any walls themselves.

While a variation of the Speed Rally rules, Light Bikes is a stand-alone game. Designed to be used with 1/50 and 1/64 scale die-cast motorcycles, Light Bikes is a short and sweet set of rules that gives you everything you need to get started, including instructions on how to build your own game grid and light walls.

Light Bikes was a finalist for an Origins Award for Best New Miniatures Game in 2012. It is available at Wargame Vault.

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