The cars of Speed Racer: Type Q

It is disappointing that Speed Racer didn’t do better at the box office for many reasons, the least of which is that its lack of success meant no additional waves of Hot Wheels would be forthcoming. Which means that one of the most interesting and original vehicle designs from the film will never make it to toy shelves.The Type Q — a beefy, aggressive single-seat racer reminiscent of the Le Mans prototype — can be seen in both stages of the Casa Cristo, and came in two different versions: one with an exposed air intake and one with the engine cowling in place (the better to hide illegal weapons, it turns out).The Type Q is notable in that it is probably the only on-screen fatality in a script that went out of its way to show that driving at insanely high speeds is really just a safe family outing. The hapless driver in question is one hit by Snake Oiler’s snake-a-pult, and is last seen careening over a cliff without his ‘safety egg’ deploying. While the execs at Warner apparently wanted a movie that wouldn’t give the kiddies nightmares, the directors managed to sneak in a clear homage to the flying wreckage and fireball o’ death the original cartoon was unafraid to show.Of course, you could argue the driver had it coming. In this screen shot from the Muqranna, you can see the white & green Type Q has a skull for a bumper. A skull. Even in the candy-coated world of Speed Racer, karma is a bitch.

1 thought on “The cars of Speed Racer: Type Q

  1. I share the same love of the cars in this movie as you do. And I’m glad I found this. Please keep doing more of this. In my blog I have a post that consists of ideas and sketches protraying my love for this movie check it out. 🙂


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