All about Rollerball

All four of my Rollerball articles are now posted below, with the history of the game and every real stat about this fictional sport collected in one place. Now, please stand for the playing of our corporate anthem…     


Light Bikes updated

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while — I just added 4 pages to the Light Bikes booklet, including new optional rules we’ve been playtesting, and the step-by-step instruction (with photos!) on the best way to build light walls. Also included is the Spinnaker graphic, for those looking to generate movement without dice. And it’s still only 99¢ — just click here

This is Brilliant II

When I started working on Light Bikes, I looked into making the game grid and light walls out of acrylic (especially florescent acyrlic), but found the costs prohibitive. I also didn’t have easy access to the laser one needs to do all the cutting and etching — but someone out there did, and they’ve now made a light cycles set that literally glows:

Light Bikes at Cold Wars

Light Bikes made its convention debut at Cold Wars 2011, with a good run of five games (thanks too to the organizers for putting me in the lobby on Friday afternoon, ensuring that anyone coming into the Lancaster Host would walk by our setup.) The photos below are from a Saturday pick-up game with some old friends, and a couple of new converts.

More derezzing fun below the fold

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Welcome to the game grid

Early in 2010, work began on Light Bikes. It was originally supposed to be a couple of pages in the Speed Rally expansion, but when that was delayed, I decided to spin it off into its own stand-alone game. It has since taken on a life of its own.

More arcade-like action on the other side
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